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Welcome to Smart Marketing Tribe – A Platform for Digital Marketing Coaching, Google Certification Training and Consulting.

The idea of Smart Marketing Tribe was born in 2009. At that point in time, Digital Marketing was overpowering the authentic traditional marketing concept. It was obvious that Digital Marketing is going to be the game changer. For almost 2 years smart marketing tribe was in the research mode and experimenting, split testing (A/B testing) various line of field related to online marketing. Honestly speaking it has not been an easy road to discover what will work best for Smart Marketing tribe as there are so many different niches and opportunities existing online that in order to master anything one needs to really spend some quality time and the secret here is that the more you do it the better marketer you become!!

Smart Marketing Tribe is now a knowledge based platform for true marketers and Businesses who would like to get expertise consultation in the area of Digital Marketing. I help businesses to grow online through proven methods. The concept here is to teach people and share the innovative ideas and make it easier for Marketers/Businesses to learn and implement online strategies in their respective niches.


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Hey Guys, Welcome to Smart Marketing Tribe. My name is Kapil Chopra. I am a Marketing Geek and a Strategic Online marketing expert with a strong blend of creative and analytic skills. I have over 5 years of experience doing online marketing for B2B as well as B2C businesses. As a Marketing Business Coach. I help/educate businesses to grow online through proven methods. My specialties are online traffic generation, lead generation, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Brand Promotion. I am Google Ad words Certified, Google Analytics certified, Video Advertising, Search Advertising, Display Advertising Certified.

I have suffered many failures in my online Business since I was not a technology geek person and had no online experience when I started. So I consider my failures as my learning experience and over the years, I have discovered that one needs to identify what works the best for them and till the time you discover that you need to keep digging. For example, Being an affiliate and sell other people products might work for you and on the other hand creating your own product may not and vice-verse.

I have worked with many Multinational marketing companies all across the world. About 2 years ago I decided to become a professional online Marketer and be my own boss.

Individually, I am a gadget geek, rugby nerd, loves Tattoo art, a wine connoisseur, Karate-Green belt, Fitness Freak, a foodie and a True marketer.

From my individual experience, I have learned that you need to be consistent in what you are doing and believe in yourself that whatever you do, will help people in some way or the other. If your Business needs expertise consultation in the area of Digital Marketing please do not hesitate to contact me. Alternatively, you can follow us on Social Media for the latest updates.

To Your Success !!

Kapil Chopra

Email: admin@smartmarketingtribe.com​

Google Certifications Link: ​goo.gl/GFBvoA