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Bangalore, India
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Discover most effective Blogging Tools for beginners


Blogging tools for beginners:

Blogging is just not a way to express your thoughts but is also a way to earn some extra bucks. Yes, you definitely need to have strong ideas, great choices of words and presentability to form a readership. It takes a lot of efforts to create a blog, run a blog and earn money out of it. Ask the successful bloggers and they would share their journey of blogging. Apart from the content, it is the ease of the blog that attracts a reader. If you an amateur blogger, you can rely on the blogging tools for beginners to add that spark to your blog.

Here are some of the best blogging tools for beginners:

  1. Add From Server:

The WordPress dashboard has a limit to upload the images. As a result, you might have to upload your audio and video files with the help of the FTP  server. You need to add every file in the Media Library before you use it. Want a hassle free solution to it?

You can install the Add From Server plugin and activate it on your page. You can directly import your files that have been uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. No longer you have to worry about dealing with large files.

  1. Internet Archive:

If you are audio blogging or podcasting, you need to be careful with the sizes of the file. You can save  it on Soundcloud and Podomatic, but professional bloggers recommend Internet Archive. It can be used without shelling any additional cash. The file uploading process is very simple and you can easily navigate. Once the uploading task is done, embed the MP3 player on your blog.

  1. Namecheck:

Most of the bloggers focus too much on the blog domain name such that they completely ignore the social media platforms. Whether the blog domain is your name or the company name, ensure that you find the same name on the social media accounts. Of course, it is highly impossible to manually check the names on all the social media platforms. So, what next? Try Namecheck!

You can find out the desired user name on all the social media platforms using Namecheck. You can search around 157 social media platforms at a single go. It could be on the basis of popularity or can be searched in an alphabetical order. It also suggests you similar domain names if you fail to find the relevant ones.

    4.Stay Focussed:

If you are a chrome user, you cannot miss using Stay Focussed. You can use this app to block the websites that you do not want to access to.You can set the time when you want to use the website and when you would want to refrain from it. The tool will follow your instruction. If you are addicted to Facebook and Twitter, you can use the ‘Blocked Sites’ option to make your day more productive. If  you are still unable to finish your work due to time constraint, you can use the Nuclear Option. This option will allow you to use the websites that are in your allowed list and the rest would be blocked. What a time saver!

  1. BuzzSumo:

If you want an exclusive tool to help you out with the social media marketing campaigns, BuzzSumo is a great support. If you need information about particular search, you can create the email alerts. It helps in tracking the marketing campaigns as well as manage the online reputation. You do not have to switch between windows and tabs to have a look at your results. Use BuzzSumo to import the results into excel file. You can use several filters such as infographics, videos, and articles to customise your search. BuzzSumo has been a successful blogging tool for beginners.

  1. Easelly:

If your blog is more into visual content, Easelly is a great blogging tool for beginners. It gives you multiple template options that are unique in features. You can choose the blogging template as per your blog and can customise it accordingly. If you are choosy with colours, try several combinations and stick to the ones that go perfectly with your blog theme. You can add your texts, drag and drop the elements and customise the templates. The higher your graphics, the better are your visuals.

  1. Markdown Quicktags:

Aren’t there times when we draft blogs in the word, software, Google documents and pages? Most of us do compose the blogs on these platforms before we finally publish on WordPress. Formatting can be a real time-waster if you have to edit every line from Word to WordPress. Just install the Markdown Quicktags plugin and your formatting will be taken care. Follow the below steps:

  • Copy your draft text and paste into the WordPress in the Text view mode.
  • Click Render.
  • The Text will be formatted.

There are ample blogging tools for beginners that can help an amateur blogger to set a professional blog. No longer one has to wait and master the tools before starting a blog. Thanks to the advanced tools and plugins! Blogging has taken a rise recently and more and more are turning as professional bloggers. The readers have the power to accept your content or ignore it, thus you need to be competitive enough to be one amongst the successful bloggers.

If you want to start your blog and form a readership base, you cannot afford to miss using these blogging tools for beginners.

Try these tools out and let us know if your were benefitted !

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