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Bangalore, India
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Discover the fundamentals of blogging and how it works ?


Heard a lot about blogging? Got inspired and started a blog of your own? Is your blog failing to attract the readers? Is traffic a major concern? Hold on! Did you follow the fundamentals of blogging? Looks like you haven’t! There are certain guidelines that are mandatory to be kept in mind while running a blog. Here are a few must-follow fundamentals of blogging:

  1. Fundamentals of blogging: Content is the  king: 

The entire blogosphere is dominated by content and there is no exception to it. In fundamentals of blogging, It is the quality of the content that decides your blogging fate. You might have tried to find an alternative to it, but, there are hardly any. The readers want information and entertainment from your blog. If your words fail to create the long lasting impression  on the readers, be prepared to lose them. They do not find switching from your blog link  to another which is more unique, creative and informative. Thus, you need to be proactive to retain your readers. Ensure that you have a luring content that would keep your readers glued to your articles. Here is the checklist:

  • Add a catchy title to pull your readers to your write-ups.
  • Introduce your topic to the readers in the first paragraph in the form of an anecdote, a story, quote and so on.
  • Connect your keywords and the content.
  • Keep a communicative tone. Ask questions that would prompt the readers to think.
  • Conclude wisely, yes wisely as it leaves a huge impact on the readers. Make them a part of your blog by asking their opinions and requesting them to comment.
  1. Blog Optimisation:

Heard of SEO? None of us are spared by Google algorithms. There is no point in having a great content with zero readers. You need to ensure that your efforts are fruitful and this is possible only if you make your blog SEO friendly. To leverage the complete potential of the blog, ensure that you use high-ranking keywords. Let the keyword density be 2% – 3% as you cannot afford to spam your content.  Make sure you have added keywords in the title tag, URL, meta description and the body of the content. Secondly, your focus should be on creating a responsive design that would make your website mobile-friendly.

  1. Blog Formatting and Images:

Most of the times we are so obsessed with the content that we fail to pay attention to the format of the blog. Your blog must be readable as well as presentable. Let the headers, subheads, pointers and keywords be highlighted and they must stand out from the rest of the content. Use a readable font. It should neither be too large nor too tiny. Align the words and paragraphs by using the Justification mode to make your write-up  more presentable.

A blog is incomplete without images. An image is a pictorial representation of your content. Add relevant and meaningful images. Refrain from using blurry images or images that have watermarks.  Use high-quality images that justify the pixels. Ever thought of Image Optimisation? The search engines cannot crawl images. Wish there was an alternate solution to it? Alt Tag is your answer. Assign Alt Tag to every image that you upload.


  1. Blog Consistency:

The fundamentals of blogging emphasise on the blogging consistency. You cannot change your posting pattern every now and then. Yes, the more you blog, the better is the traffic. It also indicates that you are active and are serious about your work. What if you weekly posts start decreasing? You start with 5 articles a week and gradually move to 3 and then to 1. This pattern will not only affect your traffic but pull down your rank. Google closely watches your blogging pattern and rewards you accordingly.

  1. Call-to-action:

CTA or call-to-action are an integral part of a blog. Aren’t there times when you visit a site and you end up signing up the form or purchase a product? Yes, we are talking about those catchy words that are impulsive in nature. It forces you to take an immediate action. Book an appointment, Subscribe now and Place an order, Get free eBook are some of the popular CTAs. This is a way to convert your visitors into your contacts. Use them effectively !

  1. Have a Backend:

Your mailing list, RSS Feed, and Social Networks are your backend support. It is a way to remain connected with your readers when they fail to visit your blogs. Backend helps you to get a repeat visitor which is anytime better than a single time visitor.

You cannot afford to miss adding the share buttons on your blog. The power of popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn cannot be ignored. When a reader shares the post on these platforms, it is sure to be noticed and the chain of viral marketing continues.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional blogger, you are bound to follow the blogging fundamentals. These small blogging rules will make a big difference in your blogosphere. Several blogs are created but not all of them have the potential to earn a huge readership base. They either die a natural death or remain an orphan.

Do follow the fundamentals of blogging and ensure that you have an organic blog that would fetch you millions and millions of readers.

And yes, comments are equally important for the success of a blog. So, what are you waiting for? Comment below and let us know your thought process on blogs and the basic fundamentals of blogging.

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