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Bangalore, India
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Discover how to get subscribers using five powerful techniques ?



Back in those days, blogging was a choice of the elite. The bloggers had no other choice but to rely on the limited readers to promote their blog. Today, the blogging scenario has changed and more and more people have volunteered to take up the challenge. There is an immense pressure on the bloggers to find out the ways as to how to get subscribers as well as the readers with the blogging choice.

The bloggers need to understand the fundamentals of blogging try hard to maintain the readership whereas the readers need to choose the bloggers and be loyal to them. The temptation to hop from one blogging site to another is on a high rise. Wondering how to get subscribers considering the blogging scenario?  Here are five powerful ways to get your first 1000 subscribers:

  1. Aim for an endorsed traffic:

You might be very active on the social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and  they might have been a great source of traffic for your site. But, do not forget to calculate the bounce rates. The traffic generated from the social media sites tend to have a higher bounce rate. The number of page visits and the time spent on each page will equally be low. If you are aiming for qualified traffic, you must focus on endorsed traffic as they reflect on your credibility and authority.

An endorsed traffic can be:

Grade A bloggers who gives backlinks to your site.

Grade A bloggers who are sharing your content on their web pages.

Posting content on A-list players’ blogs.

  1. Creating a personalised Landing Page:

If you can directly pull your visitors to the landing pages, you are likely to see high conversion rates. But, you need to make the landing pages attractive so that the lead gets converted. Merely having visitors will not help you out. No longer you have to think about how to get subscribers as personalised landing pages are effective.

The newbies tend to stuff a lot of content on the landing page, which is a great turn off. This could be a reason why there aren’t more visitors on your page. If you want to get your first 1000 email subscribers in a short span of time, focus on your landing page.

  1. Convince them for subscription:

Every visitor expects something from your blog in return. It could be statistics reports, motivational stories, inspiring quotes, unknown facts  and so on. And, if a reader is planning to subscribe to your blogs, there must be ample reasons to do it. Your blog must be convincing enough to prompt the readers to add their email addresses to the subscription list.  If you quickly want to get subscribers, offer some free videos, infographics, plugins, Pdf files and so on.

You need to be unique from the rest of the bloggers to get more subscribers without any difficulties. Once you  have a huge number in your email list, you will have good authority.

4.Write  Catchy Headlines:

As a reader what tempts you to visit a blog? Of course, a catchy headline! The blog title is the one that grabs the attention of the visitors and pulls them to the website. It is found out that 8 people out of 10 read the headline and the remaining 2 read the content. Thus, if you fail to create catchy taglines, you need to compromise on the subscription list.  

Write 2 -3 headlines for every single post. Ask the opinion of the people about the title. Ask yourself if the title is worth a click. Think “How to get subscribers?” Till you get an answer for all these questions, keep working on your titles!

  1. Pen down content which is worth sharing:

You might have attracted a huge number of visitors through the catchy headlines, how about retaining them? If the readers do not find your content to be worth, they are sure to never return to your website. Do not be in a hurry to publish your content. Take extra time to add that spice to your content which would force the readers to be on your blog. A top-notch content will help in maintaining the consistency of the readers.

If your blog has a high content level, you do not have to offer any freebies to build the list of subscribers. Let your content be the strongest pillar of your blog. Once the blog is published, do not leave any efforts to promote it. A good marketing will help your blog to go viral. What else can a blogger long for?

The opt-in forms at the end of each blog post is a must as it will help the readers to subscribe to your posts directly. A voracious reader cannot afford to miss a good article.

If you are an amateur blogger and need to quickly build your subscription base, these 5 powerful tips are sure to get you the first 1000 subscribers in no time. As a leader need followers so does a blogger. You would be a successful blogger only when your readership along with the subscriber increases. It is a proof that  your content is appreciated by the readers and they want more.

You do not have to be worried about  how to get subscribers henceforth. Follow these powerful blogging tips and let us know if they fetched you results.

Do you have effective ways as to how to get more subscribers? Would you mind sharing it with us?

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