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Bangalore, India
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Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India
New Jersey, US
     [email protected]   +91-984-5613-128  NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, Bangalore
+1-201-8302306      [email protected] 75, Liberty Avenue, Jersey City, NJ-07306

Discover the Email Marketing Tool for your Business at low cost?


There are several ways to reach to your target audience and one amongst them is the Email Marketing tool. Most of the times your mail doesn’t hit the inbox of the customers. They take a permanent place as spam and are left unchecked. Your entire effort goes for a toss and you need to find out a quick way to retain your contacts.  And, the best option is to take the help of the Email Marketing tool Automation.

Of course, you do not want to be carried away by the promotional tactics that each Email Marketing tool claim. The most renowned and the most  trusted Email Marketing tool is GetResponse. It has helped several brands to connect with their target group and strengthen their customer base.  Let us know more about GetResponse:

Features offered by GetResponse:

  1. Customised Subscriber list:

A smaller contact list is easily manageable. But, what do you when there is a lengthy list of email addresses? Can you CTRL C & CTRL V all the contacts? Seems highly impossible! How about trying out the Email Marketing tool – GetResponse. It will not only help you to manage your contacts but will also help you to import all the contacts from the third-party address books. After you have added all the contacts, a confirmation email will be sent to  all the contacts with the help of  Confirmed Opt-In feature.

You can also customise your subscriber list on the basis of open rate, location, and other preferred criteria. Auto-responder is another way to send out the birthday wishes, newsletters, profile change confirmation and other such important emails. GetResponse allows you to build landing pages, create surveys, create web-forms, publish a newsletter on social media platforms and conduct the A/B tests.

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  1. Setting up Campaigns:

GetResponse allows you to create campaigns using HTML Tool and the  Email Creator Tool. Both have a different set of users. If you want to create your own code, HTML Tool is recommended and if you want the readymade Templates,  Email Creator Tool is apt. The  Email Creator Tool allows you to edit the name, subject, and your Reply-to address.

  1. Tracking Campaigns:

The email marketing tool must be effective enough to give you more than the expected results. You cannot take a back seat just because your information has hit the mailboxes of the recipients. There is more to your campaigns. Track  your campaigns and find out the number of contacts that have received your email and the number of contacts who have opened your email. The GetResponse email marketing tool is integrated with Google Analytics which gives you a detailed report about your email campaigns.

  1. Prices:

The most crucial factor that decides on choosing the email marketing tool is the cost, isn’t it? Marketing, by default, is an expensive affair, which implies that every single penny spent on promotional activities must be justified. There are several tailor-made plans offered by GetResponse to suit the requirement of the users. If you are targeting to reach 2500 contacts, the charges are $25 per month. If you want to contact 1,000  subscribers, a monthly fee of $14 has to be paid. If you want to promote on a large scale and are targeting 1,00,000 contacts, $450 will suffice your purpose.

You can always opt for annual plans as they are more economical when compared to monthly plans.  The GetResponse Email marketing tool offers you around 18% discount on all annual plans. If you want to go on a trial basis, it is always better to choose the monthly plans as there are no refunds on cancelled plans.

The freeze option is another way to hold to your existing plan and return whenever you desire for. All you need is to pay $5 to preserve your contacts and campaigns.

  1. Customer Support:

The one factor that segregates the brand from each other is the support that the firm provides to the customers. Most of the companies fail to provide  after-sales service, hampering the trust of the customers. GetResponse is definitely an exception to it. It has a dedicated team to respond to the queries of the customers and ensure that the issues are sorted out  within a stipulated time. You can contact them via a phone call, live chat or by dropping them an email.

Aren’t these lucrative features prompting you to try out GetResponse? You can opt for free-trial service before choosing it as your business partner. And guess what? You do not have to share any credit card information during the trial period.

This Email Marketing tool is a sure way to reach your target audience. With the expansion in the business horizon, retaining your existing customers and entertaining new customers is always a challenging task. And, there are several ways of doing it. But, if you want quicker results in a short span of time, the GetResponse Email Marketing tool is the only organic solution.

Try Get response for 30 days Free Trail here

Let us know if you have had an experience with GetResponse Email Marketing Tool and what’s your take on it!


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