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Bangalore, India
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What is Inbound Marketing and how does it work ?


Globalisation has changed the way businesses’ function. With the expansion in the geographical territories and the customer demands, outbound marketing has taken a back seat. No longer the push form of marketing such as buying ads, buying leads, paying for leads, buying email lists and other such forms of outbound marketing is entertained. The consumers are more empowered these days and forced advertising is unacceptable to them. So what next? Can we stop promoting the products and services and wait for the customers to approach us? And the answer is Inbound marketing !

Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing is promoting the products and services of a company with the help of blogs, podcasts, video, newsletters, eBooks, Whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which pull the clients through different stages of  the sales funnel. Here are some facts that will give you an insight about the need for Inbound Marketing:

  • It has been found out that 45%  of the  direct email never gets opened.
  • More than 200 million people have opted for National Do not Call Registry.
  • 85% people fast forward the commercials that are telecasted at the midst of the videos.
  • 84% people do not prefer a website with excessive advertising.


Importance of Inbound Marketing:

  1. Cost-effective:

Budget is always a constraint when it comes to marketing. Promoting a brand has become such a costly affair these days such that the firm needs to allocate a marketing  budget exclusively.

Wish if there was a magical mantra that could generate more traffic at a less expense? Inbound Marketing is the solution. It allows you to understand the psychology of the customers and strategise your content accordingly. You can produce as much content as you want within the stipulated budget. Thanks to the several forms of Inbound Marketing.

  1. It is Organic in nature:

You aren’t purchasing the links or are spamming the consumers’ mailboxes while using  Inbound Marketing. It empowers you to publish the content and supply the right information to the users as and when required. Thus the Inbound marketing methods are natural and organic.

  1. It gets you more leads:

Higher the value of your content better is the force to pull the crowd to your pages. You can use a single idea for several inbound marketing formats. Use call-to-action to generate more leads.

  1. It is measurable:

Unlike outbound Marketing, you do not have to feed your excel sheet after every cold call that you make. Your efforts will automatically be seen via Google analytics report. You can check the performance of your content and invest your time and energy accordingly. The Google analytics is free of cost and fetches you all the information right from the keyword movement to the Google Page Rank.

Forms of Inbound Marketing:

  1. Blogging:

It is one of the best ways to pull the visitors to your website. It is a way to build trust with the public and share your skills and knowledge with them. And, you definitely need to have an impressive blog to beat the competition.

  1.   SEO:

When a search for a particular keyword begins, the search engines pulls the best website and presents it accordingly. If you want your marketing efforts to be fruitful, you need to pick your keywords wisely and place them carefully such that your web pages are preferred by the search engines.

  1. Web pages:

A website is the face of a brand, hence you need to ensure that you are presentable. Your web pages must be well-designed, optimized and appealing enough to benefit the visitors.

  1. Social Publishing:

There is no point in having a website and waiting for the visitors to be a part of it. After designing a lucrative website with an interactive content, it is the social media that can do justice with your brand. Ensure that you share the information on all the major social networking sites that are a major traffic generator. Be active on these platforms and  interact with the followers. Run some contest or ask the opinion of the public.

Inbound Marketing Actions:

  1. Attract:

Do not cheer up by just having a high traffic to your website. You need the right traffic. You would definitely want the right lead to be converted into your customers. A right traffic can be generated with the help of blogging, web content, SEO and a word on social networking sites.

  1. Convert:

Once the traffic is generated, the next task is to gather information about them to convert them to customers. Here are few tools to help you out:

Forms: Request the visitors to fill the form so that the information is gathered and right action is taken.

Calls-to-action: These are the links or the buttons that prompt the visitors to take some action. Example: Free ebook Download, Subscribe Now, Attend a Webinar and so on.

Contacts: Keep all the lead details in a centralised system so that you can keep a track of it.

  1. Close:

You are just a step away from making a sale. Once the lead is generated, it is time to close it now.The tools like CRM and  Emails will help you to close the deal.

     4. Delight:

Your task doesn’t end here. Once you have a new customer, you need to ensure that you give him/her a good experience so that the customer is retained. Word of mouth can help you out!

Thus, Inbound Marketing is the brand creator that assures brand recognition. It is just not a promotional tool, but a value-addition tool that generates the right lead and fetches you a strong customer base.

Take a plunge into Inbound Marketing and reap the benefits of it.

Is inbound marketing better than outbound marketing? Do share your views with us!


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