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Bangalore, India
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What are the different type of Facebook Ads and how to use them in your business ?


Facebook is merely not a tool that helps to build the personal relations, but is also a business networking tool. It  serves as an advertising platform that shares your message across millions and millions of users. There was a time when Facebook offered 25 types of ads, but today the number has been limited. The ad formats have been streamlined to make it more effective to achieve the set objectives. The different type of Facebook Ads show how competitive Facebook has become is terms of advertising. Here are the 8 type of Facebook ads:

  1. Boosted Posts:

Any page that has 50 or more likes can opt for boosted posts form of advertising. You can set your budget, target audience, duration, and other such criteria to reach to the right set of people. You also have the option to choose the fan pages and their friends to promote your page. Go to settings of any post that you want to boost and set your budget along with other details. The Boosted Posts aren’t created in the Ads Manager which makes it different from the rest of the ads. There is no word count if you are using boosted posts.

Remember, you cannot edit a  boosted post while it is running. You need to delete the post, go to the Power Editor and then edit the post. Boost the post again.

       2.Video Ads:

They offer more engaging content. It has been found out that 50% of people at least view one video a day when they visit the Facebook account. This has encouraged the brand to rely more on video ads, thereby increasing the number of video ads. The rate has increased to 3.6X in a span of one year. You need to upload a video on Facebook that is original and has not been hosted anywhere else. It will help you to increase your viewership. You also have the liberty to add call-to-action which will help you to pull more viewers. You can embed it at the end of the video. For a count to be considered, the video must be watched for at least 3 seconds, with or without sound.

If you have a slightly higher budget, you can go for the Premium  video ads. These ads possess  a better quality in terms of audio as well as visuals.

  1. App Ads:

An application is an easier way to reach to the brands. All you need to do is download the app and access it from anywhere. No longer, you have to take the burden of  checking the website every now and then. The app ads aim at increasing the number of downloads and engage the users. This is the best way to promote an app.

  1. Event Ads:

You would have come across several events being posted on the pages. The CTA  on these ads will directly take you to the ticket purchase page. The Event Ads aim at increasing the number of people who would want to attend the event. If you have chosen Event ads, Facebook will ensure that your post has a wider reach. You will also get to know the number of guests who are attending the events. You also have the option to invite other guests. A good Event post will  have the date of the event, time of the event, price of the tickets, ticket purchase link, and a relevant image.

  1. Domain Ads:

If you have recently started a business or have created a page, you would be in dire need of traffic. People must be aware that your brand exists in the market. And, the best way is to go for Domain Ads amongst the different type of Facebook Ads. The Domain Ads will have a title, description, and the website link. The Domain Ads will be visible only on the right-hand side as the main goal is to showcase the existence.  You can create a Facebook account and opt for Page Setup.

  1. Offer Ads:

These Ads mainly aims at providing offers and promotions to the fans and the followers. The Facebook Pages have certain terms and conditions which must be adhered to while opting for Offer Ads. The complete information regarding the discounts  will be shared with the public. The amount of discount, the validity of the offer, friends who have used the offer and other such vital information will be shared if you opt for Offer Ads.


It directly drives the user to the offers.

You can set the audience type.

You will have genuine customers as people who are interested in the offer will not click

  1. Page Like Ads:

If you have a product or a service, you must have a Facebook page as well. You will surely need more likes to increase your visitors on the page. After all, you take all the efforts to engage people through your Pages. The  Page Like Ads promotes your page to increase your number of Likes.  These Ads usually are seen in the right-hand column. It shares the social information of the people who have liked the page.

      8.Multi-Product Ads:

If you have several products and you want to promote more than a single product, opt for Multi-product Ads.  It allows you to present 3 products in a single and unit. You can set your target as per the need of the business. You can target the chunk of people who have visited several pages but haven’t made any purchase. The Multi-Product Ads mainly focuses on visibility as well converting the  prospects into customers.

The above-mentioned 8 types of Facebook Ads can be used for all the forms of businesses irrespective of the nature and scale of business.

If you want an immediate solution to your failed marketing strategies, the various type of Facebook Ads is an instant solution to it. Try them out!

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