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Bangalore, India
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What are the benefits of Advertising on YouTube ?


A tough competition prevails in the business world to attract more and more people Advertising on youtube towards their products and services and add them to their customer base. Monopoly doesn’t exist anymore due to the increase in the number of new entrants in all the business sectors. Consumer, being the king has become powerful as well  as demanding. They rule and dictate the brands. This has pressurised the brands to pull up their socks and be more efficient in their promotional activities.

The digital sphere offers several platforms to the brands to create an online presence. However, Youtube still remains the most powerful source of advertisement as video consumption is on the higher-end. It is no longer a foreign concept and more and more people are counting on Youtube channels to increase their revenues. Here are a few benefits of advertising on Youtube:

         1. Higher Reach:

“As per the research, more than six billion hours of videos are watched every month.”

There are more than a billion visits to YouTube videos on a monthly basis. Isn’t the data self-explanatory? Yes, this video platform has the ability to reach to a large population. And if you do not want to be one amongst the herd, you can always set your target audience. In the globalised era, creating a niche is always challenging, but it is never impossible. Your advertising on youtube can be based on the demographics, location, device accessibility, time and other such parameters that hit the bull’s eye.

  1. Cost-effective:

Everything comes with a cost, isn’t it? But, aren’t there always an exception? How about being gifted a platform which is absolutely free? No commercialisation at all! Yes, Youtube offers you a free platform to upload unlimited videos. All you need to do is use a good camera to shoot a high-quality video and edit it using several tools. Create a channel and upload it. Here are the steps:

How to create a Youtube Channel:

  • Create a YouTube account and sign-in.
  • Go to All my channels.
  • Give a relevant name to your channel.
  • Add a channel image and brand logo.
  • Add a short description about your channel.
  • Click Ok!

You can also reap the advantage of the Youtube platform by opting for paid campaigns. The Pay-per-view is an effective advertising model. Set a daily or a weekly budget that can be spent on your video views. The set amount must be paid whenever a viewer clicks your video. There are several options offered by Google on Youtube Advertising that gives the user the flexibility to choose their campaign.

  1. Measurability:

“ 25% of advertising on youtube happen from a mobile device.”

There is no space for assumptions in the business world. You must have the right information and the exact data to substantiate the facts. Remember, the profit and loss ratio works upon the business strategies and this is  possible only when you are able to measure your marketing moves. Advertising on Youtube allows you to measure the performance rate of the ad campaigns. You can easily check the analytics report provided by Google Adwords. The report shares the information related to a number of people who have viewed your video, new viewers, source of the viewers, the devices used to view the videos, time spent on your video and so on. You can easily make the necessary changes based on the analytics report.

  1. Connecting with the audience:

“Demand Metric reported in its 2014 B2B Video Marketing Benchmark Report that 71% of video marketing respondents agreed that video converts better than any other content.”

Building a strong connection with your viewers holds a lot of significance in the commercial world. You must be a professional with a person touch. Wouldn’t you want to know the taste and choices of your viewers? Wouldn’t you want to help them out with your products and services? Of course, all of us have a mission to add a difference to the lives of people. And, this is possible when you get the right feedback from your viewers. The Youtube comment section allows you to understand the opinion of your viewers. The higher the interaction with the potential customers, the better are your chances of brand building. Always value the feedback of the viewers and consider it for your strategies.


  1. Increase in Google Rank:

Apart from the market share, the one thing that the brands constantly long for is a higher Google rank. There is a constant fight to be on the first page of the search engines. Youtube can contribute to your ranking system. Pondering how?  When a video is uploaded on the Youtube channel, it contains a short description along with the business link. The viewers can follow the link to know more about your services. Higher traffic leads to a better Google Rank.

Still having reservations about Youtube Advertising? If you haven’t optimised this platform yet, you might be losing a lot of potential customers. Considering the tough business competition, one cannot afford to lose an online platform that pulls billions and billions of viewers.

Stop giving a second thought about advertising on youtube and take a dive into it. It is worth your efforts!

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