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Bangalore, India
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Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India
New Jersey, US
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What is SEO & How does it work ?



Search Engine Optimisation, known as SEO, is a digital marketing and promotion tool used for increasing the visibility and outreach of web pages. SEO, is a process to customise a website content in a way which enables it to appear on most earlier pages possible shown in search results. Hence this is a tool which helps a website in featuring and showcasing better on internet and maximises its chances to be found out, clicked and be visited.

A website must consider SEO to generate high quality traffic and get hot leads with a higher rate.

How does it work ?

Each and every web page is given a rank on a search engine for a particular keyword being searched for. This is called page rank and this keeps changing for same page depending on the different keywords, belonging to the same page. This makes a page rank keyword specific. SEO is a combination of marketing skills, technical knowledge and art of creativity.

The key for optimising a web page lies in improving the page rank. There are multiple factors which affect it and these factors can be really huge in number. But a great extent of this rank is defined by few major factors which are explained in detail here:

Domain Authority:

This is an indicator of how much loyalty a webpage has created over time in terms of the references it contains to other pages and is refereed by various webpages, including how old the webpage is itself. In short, it’s a trust factor indicator.

The right keywords can make or break the ranking of a page. Make sure to put all appropriate keywords and the corresponding synonymous terms to capture all the relevant searches for the page.

Less generic, more narrowed down and specific the content on the page is, better is the page rank. This also means that the content must be kept as original as possible, authentic and targeted.

These are the links which come from other webpages and are directed to your webpage. Higher the number of backlinks, more is the strength of material and that results in a higher page rank.

The speed at which a webpage loads, is of a high significance to any search engine and it does decide a lot about a page rank. So one must apply and use tools which reduce the loading time and make the page fast and smooth in execution.

URL Structure:
URL name and structure can be a direct influencer of webpage quality and rank. For example, if the URL name consists of the title name or the broader description of the content area, this becomes very easy to get enough idea about page details and chances
Page Design:
This addresses the area of neat and clean outlook, multi device friendly features like mobiles, tabs and other gadgets, ease of using web features- all of this contributes to a page rank highly.

Ultimately SEO is aimed at bringing traffic to your webpage and is just one of the many more available ways and tools. There are components which not only bring traffic to website directly but also add to SEO process along, including social media presence like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and similar most popular public platforms. Once optimized, the shift in webpage performance and results and benefits earned can be multiplied exponentially.

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