Welcome to Smart Marketing Tribe with “Five Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.” I wish there was a “Ten Commandments of Affiliate Marketing,” and everyone that decided to use this business opportunity had to swear by these rules. But then again, if everyone did it right, then it would make it extremely challenging to become a top earner. I want you to be a success from the start, so I have compiled a list of sins made by most online affiliate marketing. Be sure to do the opposite and you will build a better business.

First: Promoting a product you never used. I have very little tolerance for people who try and sell me things they don’t use themselves. It’s unethical. You probably have watched a video presentation from a novelty consultant that doesn’t use toys, or read a book on a subject where the author never was entered into the business. If you have no idea how good the product is, how can you effectively promote it? You should know the quality of your products.

Two: Not providing real value. Stop sending people the link to your website or product. They didn’t ask for it and really don’t care how much money you need to make. People only care about themselves. And if they are going to depart with their hard-earned cash, then you need to provide value first.

Three: Not building a list. The money is in the list. This is probably the biggest mistake affiliate marketers make. If you’re not building a list from the very beginning, then each visitor that leaves your page without buying from you is a wasted opportunity. Always offer them something of value as appreciation.

Four: Lack of an edge. There are thousands of affiliates promoting different products. Why should the customer choose your store? Find a customer segment that is buying products, and find a way to tailor your message to this group. Learn their behaviours, taste and habits.

Five: No original content. This brings me back to writing about products you know nothing about. If you have no interest in the products you’re promoting, then your articles will show this, because you cannot write from experience.

I hope you get the idea. Please feel free to comment if you have avoided any affiliate marketing mistakes in your business.