Hey there, Welcome to Smart Marketing Tribe, I am excited to create this blog for an answer to a big-time question, and that is, “How to increase online sales fast and what is the best way for you to increase sales in your business using the Internet?” Now, stick around, because I’m going to share with you what I think the best way is and why it works so well. But, understand this, there are certainly a lot of opinions on this subject out there, and when I talk about how to increase sales online fast online, I’m talking about what I would consider passive sales, a little more hands-free, okay? You can go out there, you can network on social media and connect with people, and get on the phone and close sales. But, to me, those are still phone sales. What I’m talking about here is high leverage stuff. I’m talking about, being at home, being behind your computer, and making the most sales possible with the least amount of time, effort, and energy. And to make that happen, the number one way to do it is through webinars, okay?

Webinars are the top, top, top converting online sales medium out there, and there’s a few reasons why. Now, if you’re not doing webinars yet, I’m going to tell you right now, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, it’s time, right? You can be out there making it happen right away. There is someone that knows less than you, and they want to tap into that knowledge you have. And I want to help you understand why it’s so powerful, why you should be doing them and know by doing these you can understand how to increase online sales fast

One is because of the commitment factor? Having people commit to a live event is so much more powerful than, you know, them watching a video. You know, the feeling that they can watch it whenever they want, that it’ll be available whenever they want, the commitment, the urgency to show up at a certain date, at a certain time, you know, it adds just this feeling of exclusivity that something special’s happening. And for that reason, people show up more invested, and the people who do show up are much more highly qualified prospects and all these helps you understand how to increase online sales fast.

The next reason is engagement. I mean, in a live event, you can ask questions, you can get people raising their hands, you can get prospects, into kind of an imaginary state of understanding what your product, service, or opportunity can do for them. You know, you can get people, you know, in a “yes” state, really, really powerful. And it’s something that you really can’t do the same way through text, through a sales video, or anything like that. It’s something that only webinars can offer. And I’m telling you, if you know, how to execute webinars at a high level it will help you know how to increase online sales fast

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But the third reason which is the most effective way on how to increase online sales fast is urgency and scarcity, two of the biggest buying triggers, the emotional triggers that all people in life respond to, right? Deadlines, urgency, and scarcity, there’s running out, you know, fear of loss, fear of missing out, there’s not going to be any when you get there. I mean, think about the times in your life when those things have motivated you. And the reality is those are huge motivating factors for your buyers, and, truthfully, if you use them properly, you’re doing your buyer a favor, because a lot of times people need to be nudged off the fence. And if what you have, your product, service, or opportunity is truly of benefit to people and truly can help people, then you owe it to them to, you know, do everything you can to get them where they need to be to experience that benefit.

Now, on a webinar, you can do things like, you know, set real deadlines, right? Because this is a date and time-specific event. You can set real boundaries when it comes to the amount of availability. So, you know, webinars for that reason convert at a seriously high level. I mean, imagine putting tens, hundreds, even thousands of people in front of you one single time from the comfort of your own home and being able to close 10% to 20% of that audience. And this is one of the convenient and yet very powerful way on how to increase online sales fast.

So hope you got value out of this. If you did, make sure you leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.