What’s going on guys? Today I’m gonna be teaching you how to get traffic to your blog. Now, it’s one thing to create content and put that out on social media. It’s another thing to use the resources and tools available to you online to get a bigger reach than the people you’ve already got. If you’re just using social media to promote yourself then you’re missing a whole bunch of different puzzle pieces. So in this Blog, I’m gonna give you a few resources and tools that you can use in order to start building more traffic towards your website and hopefully bring some new people in that you’ve never interacted with before which will hopefully lead to subscribers, leads and sales.

Now one thing that I’ve been using a lot recently is something called Stumble Upon. Now, Stumble Upon is, I guess it’s a social bookmarking website and what you can do is you submit your link to your content and then whoever’s on Stumble Upon, it basically presents them with random links that people have posted to their website. They’ll get a chance to like that content and the more likes you get, the more people get presented with your content. Now, Stumble Upon is for good content, right? You are not gonna a lot of results if you just make the same old blog posts or the same old videos or whatever it is you’re sharing on Stumble Upon. Make it informative, make it interesting, creative, some different concept and you’re gonna find yourself getting more likes and in turn more traffic.

Another tool I’ve been using is something called Reddit. Now, Reddit is nicknamed “the front page of the internet”. What Reddit is, is again it is somewhat of a social bookmarking site where people submit links to their content and other interesting content they found on the internet and again the more people like it the further it rises for more people to see. The difference with Reddit is it is more community-based. So, say somebody was looking for a particular content like they want to learn more about fundamentals of blogging. There’s a subreddit on there called Blogging where maybe 50,000 people are subscribed so you can tag it a lot more. You’re gonna be a lot more specific and tagging in the type of people that find your content that you submit there. Again, if the content is good, creative, original, you’re gonna stand a much better chance at being seen on there. And be careful with the subreddit that you use, if you post something that isn’t in line with that community on Reddit, they’re gonna tear you to pieces. It’s one of those websites.

Another one, of course, is Youtube, and that’s something that a lot of people are using already. The benefits of advertising on youtube is very clear, I’ll make a video, then I’ll create a blog based on this and I’ll put that video into the blog post. Then, on my Youtube I’ll put, “Click in the description to read a full blog post on this topic,”

So that’s just free ways how to get traffic to your blog. They’re not magic fixes. You’re not gonna submit content or blow up. You’ve gotta get your formula right. You’ve gotta make sure that your content is creative and interesting. Sometimes it’s just gonna be hit and miss, just like anything that we do to try and build traffic, but just keep trying away at it. Don’t be one dimensional and just post to social media and just promote to people that already pay attention to you, because as important is they are you’ve still gotta bring new people in. There are three great ways to do just that.

And just as a bonus I guess, I really want you to think about getting in Google. I want you to research that stuff and find that stuff up. The reason you want to be on search engines is traffic for life. If you start building your rank up in Google and you start ranking for big keywords that people are looking for, you can literally sit back, let the traffic come in and make fans, leads, and sales while you choose to do anything you want to do, because all that stuff is gonna be happening on autopilot.

Hope these tips will help you understand how to get traffic to your blog. Make sure you drop a thumbs up, do feel free to share, subscribe if you haven’t already, and don’t get mad, get motivated.